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PrairiE Systems believes in creatively serving people in agriculture in ways that earn their trust and develop lasting relationships. We believe that enduring service to others requires us to anticipate the future and lead change.

We listened to what livestock producers were telling us...

"There has to be a better way!". A better way to allocate and order feed rations. A better way to manage multiple production sites. A better way to track feed from order to delivery. Well there is a better way, thanks to PrairiE Systems' stock of web based applications. PrairiE Systems represents a new age in livestock production, the bar has been set.

The LeeO system allows producers to capture data, create reports and improve operations by reducing labor, making better decisions and getting a better view of overall animal performance.

"Just tag, scan and track"

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Conveniently capture data on the go with your Android device paired to the Bluetooth O Reader. Digital information is collected about each animal in real-time as you work.


This compact, ultra portable reader goes where you go and puts an end to manual data transfer from paper to computer. Just scan the RFID O tag and access the data you need.


With 2 different tags available (sow and wean-finish) you can eliminate countless hours of manual identification and data collection.

Automate your most complicated and time-consuming tasks and ensure you’re delivering the right feed at the right time.

"With Feed Allocation System, we've got planned budgets and automatic feed tracking, there is little left for me to do!"


The right feed, at the right time

Simplify and clarify the feed ordering process while reducing the number and duration of feed outages. You'll spend less time ordering and more time analyzing your nutritional program.

Feed and medication traceability

With FAS, you'll be able to track VFD's, withdrawal periods and process verification, all quickly and easily through our web based application. FAS is fully integrated with Global Vet Link® VIA FASLink®

Take it with you

FAS Mobile allows you to quickly view critical information from any device. Let your farm staff place feed orders, track and enter inventory, and communicate directly with company administration.



Flexible and efficient, Smart Order was designed specifically for feed manufacturers and distributors. It provides seamless ordering between the sales team, customer service and order fulfillment.

"Access anywhere, anytime, from any device."


Customizable, real time dashboard

Each admin can customize their dashboard to show only the data that pertains to them. See orders, surveys, and aggregate data for the customers you select, all in real time. Split work loads up into multiple feed desks, order cancellations and VFD alerts are displayed instantly to keep your operation running smoothly.

Customer and sales ordering

Your customers and sales team can easily place orders directly from the Smart Order mobile application. Administrators can configure what data each customer and sales person can see. Something wrong with an order? Admins can communicate directly back to the user who submitted the order through the application.

Custom surveys

Admins can configure surveys to be completed by your sales team or customers. If you routinely collect on site data from your customers, you can create a survey for it. Surveys are displayed in real time in the admin dashboard. Export surveys to excel so you can run your own formulas against your users's answers.

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Prairie Systems provides web-based data management applications for the livestock industry.