June 2014 - Orders Report Sort
updated sort of Orders report
May 2014 - Console-Asset Map
updated Asset Map to improve record display
May 2014 - Barn Watch II Device Integration
added functionality to add Barn Watch II device information in FAS and assign to farm assets
May 2014 - Mobile FAS-Barn Watch II
added display of Barn Watch II device information
May 2014 - Mobile FAS Farm Weather Info
weather icon in Mobile FAS now displays public information of current temp and weather conditions for a farm location
May 2014 - MetaFarms Sync
Published new functionality for a webservice with MetaFarms to synch farm and group data between MetaFarms and FAS.
May 2014 - Orders Report-Suggested Order
added suggested order data to Orders report
May 2014 - FAS Welcome Email
udpated FAS user welcome email format for improved client email compatibilty
April 2014 - Mobile FAS Med Alert Update
updated med alerts displayed in Mobile FAS
April 2014 - VFD Docuement Upload
Added ability to upload VFD docuement files
April 2014 - Active Withdrawl on General Information Report
added field to display active withdrawl status information for groups
April 2014 - No Med Alerts in Mobile FAS
Added alets in the Med alerts area to indicated no med group status in Mobile FAS
April 2014 - Linear Close Out Update
updated some calculations to handle various types of records
April 2014 - NEW "No Med" Functionality Released

April 2014 - Suggested Order Updates
published updates to improve accuracy of suggested order displays
March 2014 - Expense Entry Update
added calendar drop downs and user defined field for adding lines to the form
March 2014 - Ration Mix Unit Decimal
modified decimal entry in unit field for ration mix ingredients
March 2014 - Mix Weight Status
updated definition of "good mix" status for ration mix totals
March 2014 - Med Plan Print
Added functions to print Med Plan details in Edit Med Plan and Manage Meds pages
March 2014 - Ration Mix Record Count
update to display of current mix record count
March 2014 - Buget Print Update
udpated budget print to reflect current active mix records
March 2014 - Vendor Console Order Export
added ability to export order data files direct from vendor console
February 2014 - Mix Record Update Log

February 2014 - Orders Report Enhancements
added updated format to customize fields of data displayed and display of order status with link to order status history
February 2014 - NEW Orders Report Released

February 2014 - Mix Update Date
updated last update date in mix record to reflect dates of manual updates as well as Brill import updates
February 2014 - Group Flow Sort By Age
updated Group Flow in the Console to sort by age
February 2014 - NEW Treatment Report
updated to new report format and added comments form Mobile FAS treatment records
January 2014 - Age Days
updated General Information repor to include group Age Days info
January 2014 - Mobile Events-Custom Dates
added ability to customize the record date for processed Mobile Events
January 2014 - First Annual FAS User Conference Held
On January 21st, 2014, PrairiE Systems held the first annual FAS User Conference & Reception at the Holiday Inn-Mercy Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. The event was well attended with companies from all areas of the industries represented. Lots of great information was shared and discussed and we enjoyed hearing feed back from our clients and their vendors!
January 2014 - Feed Order Email Receipt Verification Link

January 2014 - Inventory Summary Report Update
added records created as result of Mobile FAS inventory events
January 2014 - General Info Report Withdrawl Date
updated report to only reflect order withdrawl date for drugs with withdrawl days set greater than zero
December 2013 - Edit Bin/Barn Assignment

November 2013 - Allocation Sheet Updates
Udpated display of Allocation Sheet and information on Allocation page. Updated Allocation Sheet recalculation tool.
November 2013 - Med Plan Report

October 2013 - Edit Illness
added ablity to docuement illness for a group
October 2013 - Group Market Date Report
added field to display cumulative feed meter drop data
October 2013 - NEW General Information Report
published a new enhanced version of the General Information report with various new information fields
October 2013 - Vendor Console Validation Link
added link to mark all orders prior to a specific date as verified
October 2013 - Console Asset Map

September 2013 - Console Global Security and User Settings
updates to allow global and user specific security restrictions for Console pages and user specific landing pages
September 2013 - Inactivate Unused Ingredients
added inactive field to filter unused ingredients
September 2013 - Asset Map Filtering
added ability to filter Asset Map display
September 2013 - Console-Group Flow
added link to Edit Groups from context (right click) menu option
September 2013 - Mortality Alerts
published fix to correct Mortality Alerts issue for groups with no mortality goal setting (legacy groups)
August 2013 - NEW Edit Groups
Complete re-design in form and additional functionality published for Edit Group page
August 2013 - Budget Field Updates
updated ADG and FC fields to automatically calculate based on other input fields in the form
August 2013 - Web Service 360 Milling

August 2013 - Vendor Interface Batch Printing

August 2013 - Console Ingredient Tab

August 2013 - Email Management Tool

July 2013 - Scheduled Sales Report

June 2013 - Brill Import

April 2013 - Feed Meter Drops

March 2013 - Console Grid View

December 2012 - Updates to Mobile FAS
Added the ability to record animal inventory events from your mobile device.
December 2012 - Updates to Mobile Events
Specific Mobile Events can now be automatically processed and entered into FAS, instantly updating inventories.
December 2012 - NEW Built In Email Client
All system emails are now sent from a built in email client. Emails are logged within FAS, if an email fails, you'll know instantly why and have options to correct and resend. This speeds up the order send process and ensures your feed orders get where they need to go.
November 2012 - NEW Feed Order Form
A new, streamlined order form allows you to more quickly and accurately enter feed orders.
October 2012 - Mobile Events
With the new functionality of the Mobile FAS site, the Mobile Orders Report is now the Mobile Events Report. View data from all items submitted via Mobile FAS.
October 2012 - Updates to Mobile FAS
With Mobile FAS, you can now view order history and record bin inventories all from your smart phone. Access data even quicker by scanning QR codes.
October 2012 - FasTrac Delivery Tracking System
Orders are automatically synchronized with FasTrac (Powered By Mobile Conductor). Track every step of the feed delivery process from the mill to the bin.
October 2012 - Security Update
Enhanced security using industry standard technology and added password recovery options.
September 2012 - Feed Invoice Entry update
Updated Feed Invoice Entry form to pre-populate numerous data fields.
September 2012 - NEW Navigation Menu
A complete redesign to site navigation. Industry standard CSS ensures cross browser compatibility.
September 2012 - Ingredient Contract Entry/Report
Created new ingredient contract entry form and new report of contract usage data.
August 2012 - Suggested Orders
A new report that uses Group Market Date data to predict feed ordering needs and prevent feed outages.
July 2012 - Good Mix Analysis
Created a new feature in multiple reports that validates vendor invoiced ingredient quantities and pricing.
July 2012 - Group Market Date
Created a report that uses feed budget data and group data to record and predict the finishing cycle for a group.
June 2012 - NEW Ingredient Price Entry
Created a new form for ingredient price entry by vendor, owner and farm.
June 2012 - Multiple Mixes for a ration
Added the ability to create multiple mix profiles for an individual ration.
March 2012 - Group Notes Report
A new report to display all types of group notes recorded in FAS.
February 2012 - Mobile Orders Report
A new report to review all orders initiated via the Mobile FAS site.
February 2012 - Orders Reconcile Report
A new order data report with ability to document reconciliation of PO’s against an external system.
February 2012 - Mobile FAS
A brand new site, designed specifically for mobile use. Easily enter feed orders and access basic FAS data from your mobile device, anywhere in the world.