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Prairie Systems provides unique web-based
data management applications for the livestock industry.
Real-Time Farm Management Solutions for Today's livestock Industry. PrairiE Systems automates the most complicated, time-consuming tasks in the livestock industry today. With it's web-based systems, Prairie Systems can help ensure that you're delivering the right feed at the right time, verified.
Maximize profits, track inventories, monitor herd health and improve communications with farm personnel... Managing today's livestock facilities from miles away can be a daunting task. Our user friendly web-based software package requires little training, and are easy for farm personnel to use.
Explore Our Products
Feed Allocation System
The Right Feed
At The Right Time.
With the Feed Allocation System you can automate your most complicated and time-consuming tasks. This unique web based system delivers the right feed at the right time.
Process Verification. From the mill to the bin.
Powered by MobileConductor®, FasTrac provides livestock producers with feed delivery traceability. Automatically and effortlessly track orders from the moment they are placed.
BarnWatch II
Monitoring Your Barn.
Maximizing Your Profits.
BarnWatch II's unique design allows all farm personnel to easily monitor daily water, temperature, and humidity in each of your barns.